Liquid Wallpaper

For use in interiors.

100+ diferent Colors


16 Colors

Stucco silk

Iridescent varnish


8 Colors

Your home should reflect your personality, that way you will feel happy and at ease.

Throughout the history of mankind, when there was no writing, man has engraved on the walls of the caves where her way of life, their thoughts and beliefs, embellishing his prints with pigments extracted from minerals ( iron oxide) animals (blood, bone, fat) or vegetable (dyes) getting a wide range of colors from white to black, red and yellow ocher.

Today, the decor has reached a degree of perfection and incomparable beauty and decorative painting has become the perfect finish to a wall, for its shades, the high quality of the products used in its making and the diverse and extensive range available .

DECO-UK offers products that stand High Decoration painting smooth tones. High decoration has a wide variety of finishes can create different effects and imitation: Stucco, metallic sands, glazes, pickled, imitation stone, multicolored, land effects ... which allowed all kinds of customization.

With products that used high decoration, we can let our imagination to run when decorating any personal or professional space, since its finish is perfect, elegant, discreet, powerful, warm and welcoming, it is a different product, with which You can get every wall is "a small work of art."

The paintings used in high decoration, require a special technique in order to transmit the twist of a product that decorates and beautifies the walls, not just looking.

HIGH-DECO-UK has a range for both indoor and outdoor that supports a high degree of customization, allowing you to create different effects that enhance, attenuate or vary the final finish.

With painting of High Decoration We can create unique works on every wall, with the seal of his own personality.

We love what we do